A Journey Through Life

ecoprint00 - Tue May 17, 2011 @ 01:03PM
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My thoughts at the age of around 22 years

Sometimes I wonder , if I were not born to be a human being , then perhaps , my existence would have been a token representation in the universe . Perhaps I would had eyes to see , but I would had been devoid of a heart to feel , a mind to think and a soul to admire . I shiver to think how much I would have been crippled , if any of the six senses had not worked properly . Perhaps it is right to say that my destiny is to visualize , to analyze and to comprehend life .

I rose from the bed , opened the door and walked through the streets , long time ago . Hundreds of days have passed , thousands of miles covered , millions of people seen . I have seen clouds in the sky , rainbow in the horizon , grass on the soil - the nature in it’s many moods . I have seen the people in pink , red , yellow - in many shades . I have seen the need and the greed . I dreamt my dreams and analyzed my thoughts . 

Diversity is the very essence of life . Mankind has climbed the mountain top , dived beneath the ocean . The mind has mastered knowledge and ignorance , questioned moral and immoral , searched for heaven and hell . Life is limitless , boundless and formless . Life is the road to comprehend the universe and to disappear within the truth . Life is beautiful , only if you can feel it . I have learnt to live within the walls of the life and to expand the boundaries in mind .

At the dawn of human civilization , mankind fought for basic survival . Once survival was secured mankind explored the diversities of life . Human nature consists of both good and evil . Over the ages mankind has journeyed from darkness to light . Quest for knowledge , wisdom gradually increased the complexity of life . The road of life is complex and winding . The journey that began with the very birth of mankind shall not stop at once .

The human mind itself is a marvel . Perhaps the road to understand the deep mysteries of the universe lie in the exploration of the mind itself . Everything in this universe do have some effect on some other thing , nothing goes unnoticed . Desire is perhaps the greatest virtue of mankind . To walk through the road of life one needs to understand life . To understand life one needs to feel , analyze and comprehend own self and the surroundings . Life is the greatest teacher of all .

Sometimes it seems that the world is gradually fading . Life is a museum , complete with dust and glory , past and present . It depends upon the understanding of life whether one should look forward to where present meets the future or present meets the past . Human mind is rationale . If birth be the reason then death is the cause . The death is the desire to be born . Life dwells between birth and death while silence reigns in-between death and birth .

Then there was not non - existent nor existent : there was no realm of air , no sky beyond it .
What covered in , and where ? and what gave shelter ? was water there , unfathomed depth of water ?
Death was not then , nor was there aught immortal : no sign was there , the day’s and nights divider
That one thing , breathless , breathed by its own nature : apart from it was nothing whatsoever .
Darkness there was : at first concealed in darkness , this all was indiscriminated chaos .
All that existed then was void and formless : by the great power of warmth was born that unit .
Thereafter rose desire in the beginning , desire the primal seed and germ of spirit .
Sages who searched with their heart’s thought discovered the existent’s kinship in the non - existent .

Words can’t explain everything , sometimes silence do speak . I speak , I write what I have felt , understood , comprehend through life . Every human being think and understand the same thing with different words & situations only if they want to think & have the urge and the ability to understand . Every great saint spoke the same thing in different ways & languages. It is my wisdom to understand “ how ” then to question “ why ” and at last to search “ what ” . Mankind shall journey over the ages to conquer the ULTIMATE but shall never be able to master it as journey can only merge within the TRUTH itself .

All along the years I journey to search , understand & comprehend life in order to visualize the vast & limitless human mind . Life flows like a winding river in its own course searching sometimes for the sea sometimes for the ocean sometimes its lost in the desert - but life flows on. The journey never ends , it adds on .

You are born out of the soul of THE GOD , you have questioned THE GREATNESS so you are given the opportunity to understand , feel & comprehend THE EVIL , THE DARKNESS OF MIND - I believe after death our energy , the soul merges with the energy of universe , our mass the body gets merged within the earth - so death teaches us that we are individual in earth but we all are non entity A GREATER SOUL , UNIVERSE . Death is not an end but the beginning of ETERNITY - a soul gets purified through the journey of life .


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ecoprint00 - Tue May 17, 2011 @ 12:59PM
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Dawn chariots with golden spear
Mystic clouds blossom in the sky
Diamonds sparkle on the grass
Shadows play through winding roads

A butterfly gliding in the wind
Waves dancing in the heart of ocean
Gentle kiss of the breeze
Sun sets sail over the horizon

Glittering pearls in twilight trail
Singing birds on dancing trees
Light and darkness hide and seek
A distant beetle echoes in the air

Calm and quiet in fear and fright
Seen unseen through unknown eyes
Wind whirls a lashing whip
Darkness laughter in phantom silence

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ecoprint00 - Sun May 15, 2011 @ 09:00AM
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Pearls dripping from innocent eyes
I know not why they cry
Snarling crowd passing by
Did anybody smile ?

There the beggar with the bowl
Air that fills his thirst
Oh ! The children, grim and thin
Where have you lost your fairy queen ?

Here comes the people, kicking dust out of the way
Placards, shouts echo through the lane
Education casts a magic spell
Where have all the noble men gone ?

The bright blue sky the dancing birds cry
Empty buckets catch no pleasure
In the flashing neon the signboard girl smiles
I wonder where the dreams hide ?

The throbbing soul on a single stick
Twilight trails the setting sun
Phantom pearls hide and seek
Sound of silence echo in the air.


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ecoprint00 - Sun May 15, 2011 @ 08:57AM
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I am walking down the memory lane
In search of those lost days
Do you remember me that we have seen
Twinkling stars in the horizon.

Ocean roaring in laughter
Sparkling pearls in your smile
I was dreaming dreams
Over the midnightsky.

Now that I am passing by the lamppost light
I see the same winding road
A little baby staring at me
Lost in thoughts along with time.

I remember those days
A traveler in time, life passing by.........


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ecoprint00 - Sun May 15, 2011 @ 08:53AM
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Let the sun shine brightly 
Let there be happiness and joy 
Let the ocean roar in laughter 
Let the mind roam in the sky 
Let the birds sing their song 
Let the nature make Earth beautiful 
Let the wind show her might 
Let the child clap in delight 
Let the butterfly kiss the flowers 
Let everyone smile
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